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Outriders Will Be On Xbox Game Pass on its Release Date.

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

In my Outriders demo review, I stated that I would not buy the game full price. Well, Xbox Game Pass confirmed that Outriders would launch on Xbox Game Pass on its release date. This is by far the best move Square Enix could have done to optimize Outriders success.

I believe this is the perfect way to launch the game. Anthem handled better than this game, and we all know what happened to Anthem. This way, they can tweak the game with gamer community feedback with the most people playing it.

This changes things for me since I will now be playing Outriders since launch, and I won't have to wait for it to be on sale and buy it a year or months later.

Outriders is an addicting game. Gamers played the demo for over 9.5 million hours in less than a month. It has already amassed a 2 Million + following.

That's good news for the game developer, "People Can Fly."

People Can Fly also released a new trailer that I'll embed below.

Have you played the demo? What are your thoughts on the demo?

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